Greta Garbo

Artist:Charles Sheldon
Dimensions:20" X 26 1/4" Sight Size 12" x 16"
Original Use:Cover art for Screenland Magazine
Price: Sold

Full View of pastel

Artist's signature on lower left

The image as it appeared as the cover for Screenland Magazine, November 1935

A deftly rendered luminous pastel portrait of silent and early talkie legendary Hollywood film star Greta Garbo, created as the cover for the November 1935 issue of Screenland magazine. The artist captures the glamorous side of Garbo as styled from a publicity shoot promoting her starring turn in the M-G-M  adaptation of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. One of the most spectacular examples of cover portraiture we have have had the fortune to offer by Charles Gates Sheldon; one of the leading creators of stylized glamorous art deco Hollywood film star portraits for virtually all the leading jazz age movie magazine titles.


Full Framed View

A 1935 Studio Still of Garbo


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