Artist:American Artist
Medium:Oil on stretched canvas
Dimensions:Sight Size 16" X 20" - Framed 21" X 25"
Original Use:Presumably Cover Art for a 1940s Pulp Title
Price:$3,500.00 $2,800.00

Full view

Two squared jaw toughs slug it out as a pretty red haired, green eyed damsel in distress looks on in this classic action-packed pulp cover painting. Though the work is unsigned, and we are unsure of the publication usage, this bears all the hallmarks of 1940s pulp covers; the bold use of color, and intense depiction of suspense and peril. Nicely framed in a wide profile gold frame and in a fine state of conservation.

Framed view in wide profile period gold wood frame

Verso view of untouched canvas


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