Eastern Airlines Design & Presentation

Artist:Cardwell Higgins
Date:c. 1930s
Medium:Pen & Ink on Paper
Dimensions:Framed Size: 29 3/4" x 21" Sight Size: 12 1/2" x 9" For Each Window
Original Use:Eastern Airlines Branding
Price: Sold

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From renowned American illustrator Cardwell Higgins comes this  pen & ink on artist's paper illustration that was created for Eastern Airlines with a plane whizzing through the air showing the logo for the airlines by its tail--a logo that Higgins also designed. With progress-minded, art deco imagery, this aviation themed piece is framed alongside a portrait of highly decorated World War I flying ace and American war hero Captain Eddie Rickenbacker. The pilot helped create and operate Eastern Airlines later in his career. A great piece of aviation memorabilia.

Cardwell Higgins and Rickenbacker were friends prior to the flying ace's takeover of the airline in 1938 and this photograph, inscribed by Rickenbacker to Higgins, dates to 1930. This piece comes from the estate of Charles Martignette and is said to have been one of his most treasured pieces.

Full framed view


Corner frame profile


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