Nude Figure Study

Artist:Gil Elvgren
Medium:Charcoal on vellum paper
Dimensions:22 1/4" x 24 1/4" Sight Size 16" x 18"
Condition:Very good with light soiling and toning to the paper
Original Use:Fine Art
Price: SOLD

Full view of sketch


This original fine art figure study by the pre-eminent pin up illustrator comes from a collection of Gil Elvgren preliminary graphite drawings that we acquired which were found in a house in Sarasota, Florida where the artist once lived. With restraint and a detailed eye towards anatomy, the artist captures a brunette with a contemplative pose, offering a view of the seated figure from behind. The work depicts the human form with more realism than the idealized figures of pin-up girls, but his same technical ability is seen in this rare unpublished work.

Full Framed view


Verso detail


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