The Elements Involved

Artist:Cardwell Higgins
Medium:Pen & ink on illustration board with gouache highlights
Dimensions:Sight Size 12 3/4" X 19 1/4" Framed 21 3/4" X 29 1/2"
Condition:Excellent--would benefit from re-framing and matting
Original Use:Exhibited Fine Art
Price: $1,950.00

Full view

The artist's signature lower right

1979 Brochure advertising signed limited edition prints of this original pen & ink, seen lower right

Inspired by the work of Harry Clarke, this art deco nude avant-garde pen & ink drawing by Cardwell Higgins was titled by the artist "The Elements Involved". This is part of a series of similarly exotic and provocative drawings Higgins created between 1927 - 1929, which would much later be marketed as a series of limited edition art prints under the guidance of Charles Martignette in 1979.
From the vast estate of legendary art collector Charles Martignette, who befriended the artist in his retirement in Hollywood, Florida and organized a one man art show in the late 1970s promoting his earlier illustration work. The prints made at the time were signed by the artist Cardwell Higgins and priced at $850.00 each with an additional $85.00 charge for shipping, reflecting both the respect Martignette had for Higgins' work as well as the art dealer's notorious sense that everything he became involved with was inherently more valuable as such. Needless to say this venture never got off the ground in any meaningful way.


Framed and matted under glass in dated 1970s vintage frame

Verso view with old backing and gallery exhibit label


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