The Queen of The Apes

Artist:Harold McCauley
Medium:Oil on Board
Dimensions:Framed: 37" x 31 1/4" - Sight Size: 29" x 23 1/2"
Original Use:Exhibited Fine Art at OrlandoCon 1976
Price: SOLD

Full view

The artist's signature, lower right

This large signed oil painting with an erotic science fiction/fantasy theme was exhibited at 1976's OrlandoCon, an event that in many ways seems to be the template for todays Comic Con. McCauley was featured as an honored guest at the Florida comic convention, and unveiled previously unseen works that were either painted and unpublished in earlier decades or created specifically for the occasion in the months leading up to the event. In this colorful and involved image, a semi nude queen protected by a Planet of the Apes-styled gorilla survey their dominion.

After the pulp craze subsided, the artist found work creating lurid risqué covers for the sleaze paperback imprint "Nightstand Books" which was the brainchild of William Hamling, a Chicago-based publisher and editor at Ziff-Davis and founder of Greenleaf publications, which published the digest pulp Imagination for which McCauley was a frequent cover artist. The artist also found employment as a technical illustrator for The Martin Marietta Corporation, an American manufacturing company founded in 1961, which quickly became a leader in chemicals, aerospace, and electronics.

Handsomely lined and framed in a quality gallery frame



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