15 Story Detective Pulp Cover

Artist:Norman Saunders
Medium:Oil on Illustration Board
Dimensions:Sight Size 15" x 21" Framed 23" By 41"
Original Use:Cover for 15 Story Detective Pulp - October, 1950
Price: Sold

Full view

The painting as it appeared in print - copy is included in the framed presentation

The artwork as it appeared published

Framed and matted view in presentation with published pulp

This striking and tense dramatic painting by Norman Saunders was created as cover art for the the October, 1950 issue of the pulp magazine 15 Story Detective; a Popular Publications title. The scene is a classic example of menace art - a heroic uniformed pretty blonde WAC soldier attempts to disarm a poison wielding femme fatale in an airplane hangar, unaware that the redheaded bad girl is in cahoots with a villainous wrench swinging mechanic. The image loosely illustrates the interior story "Horse Of Another Killer" by Robert Turner. The work is unsigned but a known example by the important and prolific American illustrator Norman Saunders. Painting has been handsomely framed under glass in a presentation that includes a complete published copy of the pulp magazine.




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