Madonna, The Ramones, Earle Bergey...What do these things have in common?

Earle K. Bergey’s spicy pulp covers are known for their provocative, even lawless sensuality. It’s the root of their wild, jazz age, hedonistic charm.  Even eighty years later, Bergey's art looks daring, modern, and cool.  Since more than 90% of original pulp cover artwork is thought to be lost, we were over the moon to come across two fresh-to-the-market original paintings from the heyday of the genre. That these beauties come from the collection of legendary music A & R man, Seymour Stein should come as no surprise.  Sire Records founder Stein's sense of the moment in American culture meant he had the smarts to sign Madonna to her first record contract in 1983, and also the conviction to sign both The Ramones and The Replacements. We knew Stein had a cutting edge ear for music and it turns out the same can be said for his eye for art.


Seymour Stein, of Sire Records, with wife Linda, The Ramones and Iggy Pop


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