The Year In Review

As another year comes to a close, we are taking a moment to look back on 2014 and reminisce on what a wonderful year it has been.

Along the way, we also acquired some fabulous new works of art and Grapefruit Moon Gallery's staff has selected our favorites to share.  Read on, and say hello to the faces who keep this place hopping.  Meanwhile, we'll get ready for another great year of sharing our passion for vintage illustration in 2015!

Dan Murphy -

Dan Murphy - Founder, Co-Owner, Paul Newman Impersonator


They Shall Obtain Mercy by Eugene Savage, 1926. A decorative and emotional piece, created as a large scale preparatory work for a mural at Elks Veteran Memorial, Chicago, IL. This is Dan's favorite because he says, "it gives me chills every time I walk past it!"


Sarahjane Blum Murphy -

Sarahjane Blum Murphy - Co-Owner, Author, Gallery Guru


Making Her Appearance by A.D. Rahn, c. 1915. A majestic and otherworldly painting that was most likely used as illustration for a magazine or story. Sarahjane is drawn to this painting because, "there's something fascinating about the contrast between her angelic beauty and the devilish imp pulling aside the curtain. All the faces have such character. Love it."


Chandra Carlson

Chandra Carlson - Office Manager, Head of Shipping with a degree in Cardboard Engineering


A Covered Wagon Confrontation by Jerome Rozen, 1927. A piece that was used as cover art for Popular Stories Pulp Magazine. Chandra says, "the protective stance of the woman and the frailty of the man next to her give me goosebumps. I get teary eyed just talking about it."


Ashlee Bennett -

Ashlee Bennett - Head of Photography, Walking Positive Affirmation


Art Nouveau Kirchner Girl by Raphael Kirchner, c. 1900's. This beautiful work was used as an original postcard illustration. Ashlee is "partial to pen & ink as it takes more talent to pull off a truly good piece of artwork." She also loves the understated beauty of this Kirchner Girl as well as the Art Nouveau aesthetic.


Sarah Masich - Sales, Social Media (she just sits on Facebook all day)

Sarah Masich - Sales, Social Media (she just sits on Facebook all day)


A Delightful Page In The Record of My Existence by Cardwell Higgins, c. 1920's. Sarah is also a fan of the skill and fine attention to details that comes with pen & ink drawings. "It is whimsical and fanciful and a fun Art Deco dreamscape. I love that the style is a subtle throwback to the artwork seen on Greek amphoras."


Lily Belle - Lead Art Critic

Lily Belle - Lead Art Critic


Shootout At The Cantina, attributed to Ed Valigursky, c. 1950's. Used as an illustration for Saga Magazine. Lily is the hardest critic of us all and has a keen eye for truly good art. A Miami native, Lily feels the pain of this war-torn Cuban image.

It has been a spectacular year for the Gallery and we want to thank everyone who came along for the ride. A very happy holidays to everyone and we look forward to enjoying 2015 with you!


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