Waiting for You Sketch

Artist:Gil Elvgren
Medium:Graphite on artist's paper
Dimensions:Sight size 22" by 17 1/2", Framed size 25 1/4" by 29 1/2"
Original Use:Sketch for Waiting for You - Brown & Bigelow calendar painting
Price: SOLD
Full view of graphite drawing

Full view of graphite drawing

The artist's signature lower right

The artist's signature lower right

Elvgren_Waiting for you-scan

A gorgeous and very detailed framed preliminary graphite sketch by the legendary American pin-up artist Gil Elvgren, which was used in the making of the 1955 Brown & Bigelow calendar "Waiting For You". As part of his process, Elvgren would pose a live model in his home studio and create a series of graphite sketches of a given scenario, working alongside a photographer (including the noted pin-up artist in his own right Peter Darro) who would capture the scene in 5" by 7" black and white stills.  These comprehensive sketches and source photographs would then be used for reference during the painting of the final oil on canvas artwork which would be delivered to B&B for publication.  A typical Gil Elvgren painting would take a week to complete, so it was logistically impossible to work with a sitting model for that duration, and his meticulous process of sketching from life became one of the trademarks which set Elvgren apart from his peers.  A recent conversation with the artist's favorite model, the lovely and radiant Myrna Hansen, revealed that in nearly ten years of modeling for Elvgren she never actually saw him paint, but would marvel at the completed canvases much like the rest of America did when they were unveiled.

Framed view  matted behind glass

Framed view matted behind glass

This is in very fine condition, professionally matted and framed behind glass.

Close up of frame

Close up of frame


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