The Twin Cities went on a mission to modern, and we came along for the ride

Grapefruit Moon Gallery had the honor and privilege of participating this past weekend in the 15th annual Twin Cities 20th Century Design Show and sale; featuring an eye popping building filled with antique Mission Arts & Crafts furniture, decorative collectibles and art pottery as well as Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern pieces. This was the first year the show expanded beyond the cozy bungalow style they have been pivotal in promoting in town, and we were thrilled to be a part of bringing this piece of the past to collectors in our home town.  We received a warm welcome at the show and met many fantastic people who were eager to hear all about the history of calendar and advertising art as it pertained to the great state of Minnesota and to share their own personal stories of the state’s advertising titans.

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Highlighting the calendar and advertising giants Brown & Bigelow and Louis F. Dow, we brought along some of our favorite Gil Elvgren original illustration pieces as well as a selection of Cream of Wheat illustrations, many by Minnesota's own son Edward Brewer. Our favorite original pulp cover illustrations, pin up prints, and playful collectibles came along for the trip, too.


Mission to Modern was a blast, bringing together fantastic artisans, unparalleled antiques & collectibles, and highly regarded dealers. Thanks to everyone at Eastwood Gallery for organizing, it was a fantastic weekend and we look forward to seeing what everyone brings next year!

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