New Moon Halloween

Did you know that this year Halloween fell at the new moon? What better reason to use the day to celebrate our new office, and welcome the newest member of our team, Ali. Somehow with only four people, we managed to squeeze in an entire century's worth of looks (a fitting metaphor for any day's work at the gallery).

Welcome to the time traveling office.

Grapefruit Moon Gallery, minus cameraman Dan

Chandra and Jen worked their 'black and white movie' costumes to great affect. With title cards and a soundtrack provided by our very own Lisa Loeb, the starlets starred in their own movie all day long.

No black and white film needed when you become a living silver screen.

No black and white film needed for these two greyscale screen queens.

Ali discovered her past incarnation as a Rolf Armstrong cover girl. A bit on the hysterical side, but she's rocking that mummy-style head wrap.

Follicle Twins

Follicle Twins

We treated on chocolate and took a costume promenade, showing off to the new office building-mates, then returned to the gallery and the 21st century for vast quantities of vegan pizza and champagne. But no party can last forever, and before long Sarahjane (after a quick costume change) told us sweetly it was time to go back to work.

Wigging Out

Wigging Out

Needless to say we stayed on task for the rest of the day.


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