Pilgrim Hunting Scene

Artist:Winold Reiss
Medium:Pen & Ink with Gouache Highlights
Dimensions:Sight Size 13 " x 16 1/2"
Original Use:Interior Book Illustration
Price: $1,500.00
Full view of mixed medium illustration

Full view of mixed media illustration


The artist's signature lower left

The artist's signature lower left

A signed original mixed medium illustration by the renowned American illustrator Winold Reiss used as an interior book plate. This work is of unknown usage, it resembles a woodcut but is a large original pen and ink drawing with white gouache highlights. An early American Pilgrim hunting scene, featuring a forest maiden lifting her arms towards a white dove perched in a tree--without the context of the book, it is hard to guess whether she has been discovered by the hunting party or is the hunted. Winold Reiss was a German American muralist and illustrator that is best remembered for his portraits of the Blackfoot Indian tribe. His work was so revered by the tribe that when he died his ashes were spread across sacred burial grounds.


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