Cleopatra Travels to Germany

Grapefruit Moon Gallery is proud to announce one of our pieces of original art from the Golden Age has been included in an exhibition focusing on the legendary and mysterious Cleopatra, titled "Cleopatra The Eternal Diva," which just opened at the Bundeskunsthalle in Germany. Henry Clive's incredible art deco take on the incandescent and regal queen of the Nile, based on film star Dorothy Lamour, exemplifies both the allure of the Egyptian beauty and the exquisite detailing of the ultimate glamour pin up artist.
From the museum's press release:
"Few historical figures divide public opinion as much as Cleopatra VII, the last queen of Ancient Egypt (69–30 BC). Her beauty is the stuff of legend. She is said to have been highly educated and alluring, politically astute and cunning, capricious and courageous. Her eventful life and colourful personality inspired writers, painters and composers. Over the past two thousand years every era has produced its own distinctive image of Cleopatra. These constructs reflect not only the then prevalent models of femininity but also the cultural, political and social concerns of their time. This fact forms the starting point of our interdisciplinary exhibition. It presents the many faces of Cleopatra from antiquity to the pop culture of the present day trough a selection of sculptures, paintings and photographs as well as films and video works."
On display 28 June – 6 October 2013.


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