Artist: Louis Glanzman
Price: $4,500.00

The Main Attraction

Artist: Jack Levitz
Price: $3,500.00

Hollywood Comedy Club

Artist: Henry Clive
Price: S O L D

Siamese Dancers

Artist: Cardwell Higgins
Price: Sold

A Persian Orientalist Showgirl

Artist: Cardwell Higgins
Price: $3950.00

The Policeman's Ball, 1926

Artist: Frederic Stanley
Price: S O L D

The Tango Girl

Artist: Nell Brinkley
Price: $1250.00

Demonized Burlesque Dancer

Artist: Mahlon Blaine
Price: S O L D

Leopard Tamer Pin Up Girl

Artist: Unknown
Price: S O L D

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