Playing The Part

Artist: E.M. Jackson
Price: $13,500.00 on sale $10,125.00

Making her Appearance

Artist: A.D. Rahn
Price: Sold

Cry Shame

Artist: Harry Bennett
Price: $2,450.00 on sale $1,835.00

Follies Princess Marion Davies

Artist: Alfred Cheney Johnston
Price: S O L D

Erotic Ziegfeld Girl Tot Qualters

Artist: Orval Hixon
Price: S O L D

Erotic Winifred Shaw Smoking

Artist: Roberts of Boston
Price: S O L D

Vivienne Segal: Ziegfeld Follies Century Girl

Artist: Raphael Kirchner
Price: Sold

Ballet Class

Artist: Pal Fried
Price: Sold

Constance Collier as Pallas Athene

Artist: Charles Buchel
Price: Sold

Pierrot and Ballerina Art Deco Interior Scene

Artist: Alphonse Palumbo
Price: $5,500.00 on sale $4,125.00

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