Wild Body

Artist: Howard Purcell
Price: $2950.00

Carney's Burlesque

Artist: Walter Popp
Price: $2850.00

Trailer-Camp Girl

Artist: Isabel Dawson
Price: $1950.00

Trailer Camp Woman

Artist: American Artist
Price: $1950.00

The Untamed Wife Of Louis Scott

Artist: Raymond Johnson
Price: Sold

Mambo To Murder

Artist: Harry Barton
Price: $7500.00

Buy My Love

Artist: Fred Rodewald
Price: $4500.00

The Fear Dealers

Artist: Fred Pfeiffer
Price: $3950.00

The High Rollers

Artist: Bruce Minney
Price: Sold

The Path Between

Artist: Paul Rader
Price: Sold

Death Of A Hooker

Artist: Mort Engel
Price: Sold

The Squeeze

Artist: Harry Barton
Price: Sold

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