Platinum Blonde

Artist: Bill Randall
Price: Sold

Cleopatra of the Nile

Artist: Henry Clive
Price: Sold

The Bride

Artist: Nell Brinkley
Price: $1950.00

Studio Setting

Artist: Arnold Armitage
Price: $10,500.00

Death Of A Hooker

Artist: Mort Engel
Price: Sold

Evening Reveries

Artist: James Arthur
Price: $2950.00

She Wanders

Artist: Tracy Porter Rudd
Price: Sold

The Fast Buck

Artist: Harry Barton
Price: Sold

Buell's Beauties- September 1961

Artist: Al Buell
Price: $6500.00

The Swami Told Me...

Artist: Walt Otto
Price: $5500.00

Eve & Jill

Artist: Nell Brinkley
Price: Sold

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