A Smiling Norma Shearer

Artist: James Lunnon
Price: $1350.00

Blue Eyed Girl

Artist: Charles Allan Winter
Price: $3,500.00

Fit To Be Tied - Preliminary Drawing

Artist: Gil Elvgren
Price: SOLD


Artist: Rolf Armstrong
Price: $125,000.00

Portrait of Anna May Wong

Artist: Henry Clive
Price: Sold

Red Headed Woman

Artist: Pearl Frush
Price: Sold

Personality Plus

Artist: Billy Devorss
Price: $5500.00

Mary Astor Hollywood Portrait

Artist: Rolf Armstrong
Price: $8,500.00


Artist: Lejaren Hiller
Price: $8500.00

Portrait Of Norma Shearer

Artist: Charles Sheldon
Price: $2500.00

An Edwardian Beauty

Artist: James Montgomery Flagg
Price: $4500.00

Mademoiselle from Armentières

Artist: Henry Clive
Price: $4500.00

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