A Modern Burlesque

Artist: Theodore Haupt
Price: Sold

Light Operator

Artist: Erle Loran
Price: $7,500.00

The Studio Couch

Artist: Joseph Tomanek
Price: $3,850.00

The Opera

Artist: Pal Fried
Price: Sold

Illustration Art Takes Museums At Light Speed

The Intruder

Artist: Arthur Prince Spear
Price: Sold

Leto And Apollo

Artist: Axel Linus
Price: $1,950.00

The Conjurer

Artist: Mahlon Blaine
Price: $5,500.00


Artist: Patten Wilson
Price: Sold

A Reclining Benda Nude

Artist: Wladyslaw Benda
Price: S O L D

Marilyn Monroe in the Nude

Artist: Earl Moran
Price: S O L D

Art Deco Nude at Stream

Artist: Frederick Sands Brunner
Price: S O L D

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