Ruffled Feathers

Artist: Gil Elvgren
Price: $85,000.00

Tender Hearted Harlot

Artist: Harry Barton
Price: $3950.00

Who's There?

Artist: Edward Eggleston
Price: $25,000.00

Parisienne Gaiety

Artist: Earle K. Bergey
Price: $17,500.00

The Forest Nymphs

Artist: Sidis
Price: $4,500.00

The Main Attraction

Artist: Jack Levitz
Price: $3,500.00

Morning Song

Artist: Zoe Mozert
Price: $45,000.00

Fairest Flower

Artist: Zoe Mozert
Price: $35,000.00

The Ice-Capades of 1942

Artist: George Petty
Price: Sold

The Jealousy of Man

Artist: Heinrich Kley
Price: Sold

Nude Nymph & Sea Demon

Artist: Heinrich Kley
Price: Sold

Winning Ace

Artist: Freeman Elliott
Price: Sold

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