Les Ongles

Artist: Suzanne Meunier
Price: $3500.00

The Cottage

Artist: Herbert Paus
Price: $2350.00

Vacation Requirement

Artist: Unknown
Price: $2950.00

Edwardian Beauty of The Motor Age

Artist: Malcolm Strauss
Price: $4500.00

Thoughts of Pascal

Artist: Harrison Fisher
Price: $9500.00

The Duel

Artist: Henry Soulen
Price: $6500.00

A Stylish Edwardian Maiden

Artist: Joseph Maturo
Price: $1650.00

An Edwardian Lass in a Bonnet

Artist: Joseph Maturo
Price: $1650.00

La Coquette

Artist: Alberto Vargas
Price: $15,000.00

The Queen of Summer

Artist: Willy Pogany
Price: Sold

Admiring a Fashionable Woman

Artist: Unknown
Price: Sold

Reverie in Green

Artist: J. Ross Bryson
Price: Sold

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