Where To?

Artist: Richard Preyer
Price: Sold

Four Faces of the Texaco Man

Artist: Harold McCauley
Price: Sold

The Ice-Capades of 1942

Artist: George Petty
Price: Sold

Here We Are!

Artist: Enoch Bolles (attributed)
Price: $6,500.00

Safe Passage

Artist: E.F. Ward
Price: Sold

World Airways

Artist: Vladimir Yoffe
Price: Sold

Krome-Oil Pistons Ring Pin-up Girl

Artist: Ben-Hur Baz
Price: Sold


Artist: Earl Moran
Price: $15,000.00

A Real Gem

Artist: William Medcalf
Price: $2,850.00

Art and Industry During World War II

The Ovaltine Girl

Artist: Unknown
Price: Sold

A Day in the Life of Illustrator Paul Strayer, 1918


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