Florence Vidor in Love the Magician

Artist: Cardwell Higgins
Price: $1,500.00

Nude Figure Study

Artist: Gil Elvgren
Price: $3,500.00

Above the Clouds

Artist: Ted Coconis
Price: $2,500.00


Artist: Harold McCauley
Price: $1,350.00

Welcome Traveler

Artist: Gil Elvgren
Price: $95,000.00

Parisienne Gaiety

Artist: Earle K. Bergey
Price: $17,500.00

How To Hypnotize

Artist: Virgil Finlay
Price: $9,500.00

Blue Eyed Girl

Artist: Charles Allan Winter
Price: $3,500.00

The Forest Nymphs

Artist: Sidis
Price: $4,500.00

The Main Attraction

Artist: Jack Levitz
Price: $3,500.00

The Book of Ovid

Artist: Gaspano "Gus" Ricca
Price: $1,850.00

Morning Song

Artist: Zoe Mozert
Price: $45,000.00

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