Personality Plus

Artist: Billy Devorss
Price: $5500.00

Kittenish Type

Artist: Earl MacPherson
Price: $4500.00

Wish You Were Here

Artist: Edward Runci
Price: $29,500.00

Miss Bermuda

Artist: Pearl Frush
Price: $18,500.00

Miss Peru

Artist: Ted Withers
Price: $8,500.00

How Do I Look?

Artist: Harry Ekman
Price: $5,500.00

I Don't Go Too Far In Any Direction!

Artist: Harry Ekman
Price: $28,500.00

Swingin' Sweetie

Artist: Gil Elvgren
Price: $85,000.00

She Loves Me

Artist: William Medcalf
Price: $2650.00

The Toast Of The Town

Artist: Victor Tchetchet
Price: $8500.00

Spill The Wine

Artist: Fritz Willis
Price: $9500.00

Les Ongles

Artist: Suzanne Meunier
Price: $3500.00

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