Four Faces of the Texaco Man

  These four comical and deftly rendered gouache illustration paintings show four faces of the 1950s Texaco Man. These explore the overly quizzical and confused faces made by a service station attendant tasked with describing the particulars of car troubles that caused distress for 1950s highway tourists. Together, they hint at the dishonesty associated with […]

Artist: Harold McCauley
Price: Sold

The Jealousy of Man

A grotesque and unsavory gathering of creatures is assembled in this inventive signed work which is disguised as a children's fairy tale - in this mixed medium drawing from the German expressionist artist Heinrich Kley. Here two nude nymphs shower yellow flowers upon the body of an upright champion in the heroic mold, while an […]

Artist: Heinrich Kley
Price: Sold

Nude Nymph & Sea Demon

  In this whimsically imaginative drawing from the German expressionist and Jugendstil artist Heinrich Kley, a nude water nymph, whose form and pose evoke Venus, frightens away a sea demon as her consort, a dolphin of sorts, looks on laughing. In this mixed medium detailed work, Kley inverts the viewers expectation of women's sensuality in […]

Artist: Heinrich Kley
Price: Sold

Jewel Flowers Behind the Scenes; Part 1

Jewel Flowers; a diminutive gem of an artist's model who was muse to Rolf Armstrong for half his career, and whose popularity at times threatened to surpass his. Armstrong began the 1940s known for vampy flappers and radiant pin-ups with art deco sophistication, a style that was waning in popularity at the time. His meeting with Flowers, an unknown […]

Tales of the Dying Earth

Painter John Berkey was unquestionably one of the leading figures working during the golden era of science fiction. Most identified with his posters for the original Star Wars film, Berkey's work was instrumental creating the image we have in our minds eye when we picture "outer space." A prolific illustrator of sci-fi book covers, the technically adept artist also was employed […]

Artist: John Berkey
Price: Sold

Immortality Option

John Berkey is remembered today as one of the leading figures of the golden era of science fiction. Most identified with his posters for the original Star Wars film, Berkey was a technically brilliant commercial illustrator and his vision is what we see in our minds eye when we picture "outer space." A prolific illustrator of […]

Artist: John Berkey
Price: Sold

Billy Devorss, Rita Hayworth and the Public Imagination

The moment when Rita Hayworth pops onscreen for the first time in Gilda ranks among the most iconic film introductions of the 20th century. Her gravity defying hair flip and blinding smile seemed to epitomize mischievous flirtation, and through the extensive publicity campaign surrounding the film and a series of now legendary glamour photos by Robert […]

Labor Day

This oil on canvas Americana original illustration by E.M. Jackson dates to the 1920s and presents a vision of the working man as "King for a Day." Titled "Labor Day," this was likely created as cover art for a September issue of a title from the Curtis publishing line of magazines. Along with the Saturday […]

Artist: E.M. Jackson
Price: Sold

Science Fiction Fandom & the illustrations of John Cockroft

Alien Culture, Cosmag, The Mutant, Spaceteer, Star Western, Martian News Letter; what do all these things have in common? All have fantastical names that thrust your mind into adventurous flights of fancy, and all belong to the 1940s subculture of science fiction fandom. They also all feature the work of the prolific, obscure, and intriguing […]

Enoch Bolles and a Study in Red

Today we are beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to post the first guest blog on Grapefruit Moon Gallery. Jack Raglin, America's premiere scholar of Enoch Bolles, and an all-around great guy to know, took the time to investigate Meet Your Water Lure the newly posted Film Fun cover we added to the website yesterday. […]

Back in Minneapolis, Back in Action

Comic Con was a whirlwind, and it's hard to know where to start. We said goodbye to a Petty, Bolles, and Bergey; and had more fun than should be allowed during work hours. I know it's gauche to boast about celebrity sitings, but I can't help myself. The Glove and Boots team stopped by the […]

Making and Missing Friends in San Diego

We hate to play favorites here at Grapefruit Moon Gallery, but we've always had a soft spot for dogs--and Aw, Come On features one of the most adorable pups we've seen. Is it the poodle whose bringing new friends into booth 4205 or is it model Myrna Hansen. It's hard to say, but one thing […]


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