Joss Paper Ceremony

This original 1920s oil on board painting by Henry Soulen is a commissioned interior illustration for The Saturday Evening Post. The image shows two figures engaged in what appears to be a traditional "ghost money" ceremony, a Taoist tradition of burning joss paper as an offering to spirits of one's ancestors. The colorful, boldly painted, […]

Artist: Henry Soulen
Price: $1500.00

Global Glamour - Normandy

A pristine and important surviving Henry Clive illustration painting that appeared as the cover for the August 27, 1944 issue of The American Weekly, a Randolph Hearst publication. The magazine often commissioned Clive to create serialized images of enchantresses that shared a thematic thread. In this case - in the year 1944 the artist was […]

Artist: Henry Clive
Price: Sold

Drying Nets - Mont Saint Pierre

Drying Nets - Mont Saint Pierre is an antique 1930s signed oil on canvas painting by the important American artist and illustrator John Clymer, signed lower right and titled on the back stretcher bar in the artist's hand. The work is a fine American impressionist painting with dazzling impasto work, particularly on the nets being hoisted and […]

Artist: John Clymer
Price: $4500.00


Two squared jaw toughs slug it out as a pretty red haired, green eyed damsel in distress looks on in this classic action-packed pulp cover painting. Though the work is unsigned, and we are unsure of the publication usage, this bears all the hallmarks of 1940s pulp covers; the bold use of color, and intense depiction […]

Artist: American Artist
Price: $3500.00

Tender Hearted Harlot

Harry Barton painted this steamy gouache illustration for use as the cover of 1952's Tender Hearted Harlot by Val Munroe. Published as a pulp digest, novella length story that takes place on the San Francisco waterfront and follows the proclivities of the young, bold and beautiful Ginny Parrish who... "is a gambler to the core - but […]

Artist: Harry Barton
Price: $3950.00

Madame Penal

This original gouache cover painting by Mort Kustler appeared on the June 1959 cover of Male magazine, illustrating an interior story titled "Madame Penal". The cover slug text says it all: "Dramatic saga of the young woman who ruled the Middle East's Cafard Compound, and of the handful of Americans and 1500 starved and broken wretches forced […]

Artist: Mort Kunstler
Price: $3950.00

Who's There?

Who's There? is a large and genre defining oil on board pin-up painting by Edward Eggleston, which was published by the American Art Works calendar company in the early 1930s. This is a rare surviving published calendar painting by the New York artist, created in an impressive light and shadow technique, capturing an art deco nude […]

Artist: Edward Eggleston
Price: $25,000.00

Diana The Huntress

A stylish and decidedly art deco cover illustration for the September 9th, 1939 issue of Liberty magazine, painted by the prolific illustrator Victor Tchetchet. Depicting a Carole Lombard-esque blonde bombshell in a Diana the Huntress mythological pose. Dedicated and inscribed to the fabled Hollywood film producer Otto Preminger, as seen lower right. Painting has been handsomely […]

Artist: Victor Tchetchet
Price: Sold


This large, colorful, and bustling painting by the prolific American artist Louis Glanzman appeared in the April 26, 1952 issue of Collier's magazine, illustrating "Honkytonk - U.S.A." by William Slocum. In this scathing analysis, the honkytonk is described in great and scandalous detail as a lawless den of sin, whose unscrupulous owners prey on male weakness, hiring low-class strippers […]

Artist: Louis Glanzman
Price: $4,500.00


Featuring a mysterious fortune teller eerily appearing behind a crystal ball with her vision in the background, this fabulous other-wordly cover painting by the important American genre artist Paul Lehr, was created for the July,1972 issue of Occult Magazine. Lehr, who studied illustration at the prestigious Pratt Institute, was one of the most prolific science fiction cover artists of […]

Artist: Paul Lehr
Price: $1,995.00

Where To?

Dating to the 1950s, this Mid-Century Modern original advertising illustration features a young, stylish, and well-to-do couple looking at travel posters and pondering their next destination. The African masks and tribal Zuni Fetish Doll on the mantle as well as the hanging modernist abstract art let the consumer know that this couple is sophisticated and well-traveled. A […]

Artist: Richard Preyer
Price: Sold

Welcome Traveler

    This is a fabulous example of Gil Elvgren's pin-up work for the Brown & Bigelow Calendar Company of Saint Paul, MN. This was created and published in 1955 with the title of Welcome Traveler and is one of the finest Elvgren paintings this gallery has offered. A pretty redhead perched on a tweed suitcase […]

Artist: Gil Elvgren
Price: $95,000.00

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