Lady in Red

Artist:Frederick Wallace
Medium:Oil on Canvas
Dimensions:Sight Size 32" x 28" Framed 40" x 35"
Original Use:Portrait
Above: Framed portrait in original period ornate gesso frame
Above: The artist's signature
Above: Provenance on verso top stretcher
Above: Detail of frame

A skillfully-executed, art deco era portrait with provenance on verso stretcher, identifying the woman in red as 'Janet Wallace,' the wife of the painter and artist Frederick E. Wallace.

This large oil on canvas is in its original, fabulous, ornately-carved gesso frame.

Wallace is a very well-listed Virginia artist (1893-1958). His portraiture is seen in numerous museums and government offices, and he is listed in Davenport's Who's Who In American Art, The Artists Bluebook, and countless other art books.

Above: Detail
Above: Listing in Davenport's Who's Who


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