Alien Menace Pulp Cover

Artist:Lawrence Sterne Stevens
Medium:Oil on canvas
Dimensions:Framed 23" x 28", sight size measures 13 1/2" x 18 1/2"
Original Use:Cover art for Fantastic Novels, July 1948
Price:S O L D


Main image view

Full view of oil on canvas


The images as it appeared on the cover of Fantastic Novels

The images as it appeared on the cover of Fantastic Novels

 This unusual example of a science fiction themed menace pulp illustration by the talented artist Lawrence Sterne Stevens was created as cover art for the July 1948 issue of Fantastic Novels.  Renowned for his grotesque imaginative horror art, and often compared to contemporary Virgil Finlay, Stevens was named after his father--a deeply religious preacher--and signed much of his work simply as Lawrence and some, such as this example, not at all. Stevens did not directly focus on Christian symbolism within his work, but the deftness with which he explored taboos and the nature of good and evil attest to an upbringing steeped in the metaphor and imagery of the church.  In this work, which is widely considered one of his best and which even graced the cover of an early pulp fanzine due to its perennial popularity, Stevens shows an alien with lustful eyes menacing a sleeping beauty.  Evoking the supernatural and cultural fears of miscegenation, this is a masterpiece of pulp cover art.

Full framed image view

Full framed view


Canvas view without frame

Oil on canvas before framing


Framed corner view

Framed corner view


Framed view of back

Framed view of back

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