To Navigate the New Site, Read Me (aka FAQs)

So the update has gone smoothly, our new home is all nice and pretty. But there have been some changes, and to facilitate the user ease of use here are some basic navigation instructions.

If you look at the home page now, what you see is the most recent additions to our site. Instead of just featuring a few items from each category, we decided to dedicate the main page to showing what is new and fresh. So to see our offerings from newest to oldest, start on the home page and browse backwards using the previous page button at the bottom of each page.  

To search for more works by an artist, simply click on the artist’s name at the top of the listing, right under the title. The name will be hyper-linked and take you to all of the work from that particular artist.

Additionally, we now have a browse by topic page. If you are interested in works from a certain decade, with particular content, style, or even influenced by a specific someone, click on the Browse by Topic option located on the left side of the page. From 'Day of the Dead' themes to 'glamour' pin up and photographs, all tags can be found here.

A new addition to the site is the gallery blog. For highlights from the gallery and information we think worth knowing (like this page), select the blog option along the left side. With our take on art and artists, it's worth the read.

There are so many other ways to connect. You will find links to Grapefruit Moon around the web along the right side of each page. Feel free to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and eBay to stay abreast of happenings and new pieces.

And to keep updated on changes at the gallery, or to get a heads up on new treasure troves, join our email list. A monthly newsletter and occasional informative email. No spam, no fishing, just some beautiful art from the Moon.

That's all for now, but please contact us with any other questions or comments. We are happy to address any concerns and appreciate feedback.


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