Pax - The Goddess of Peace

Artist: Ted Withers
Price: $6000.00


Artist: Ruth Deckard
Price: $8500.00

Love Knows No Barriers

Artist: James Avati
Price: $15,000.00

True Strange Marilyn Monroe

Artist: Tom Beecham
Price: $6500.00

Left Bank Of Desire

Artist: Verne Tossey
Price: $5500.00

Worth Wading For

Artist: Enoch Bolles
Price: Sold

Blaze of Glory

Artist: Rafael Desoto
Price: $15,000.00


Artist: Earl Moran
Price: $15,000.00

A Real Gem

Artist: Bill Medcalf
Price: $2850.00

All Smiles

Artist: Gil Elvgren
Price: $85,000.00

Do You Think I "No" Too Much ? - Preliminary

Artist: Gil Elvgren
Price: $9500.00

Out Of The Rubble

Artist: F.R. Harper
Price: $3850.00